• How to choose the correct size?

    To evaluate the right size of the bike select the desired model in the online SHOP, then click on "Do you know your frame size?".

  • What are the Warranty conditions?

    DUCATI powered by THOK ebikes have 2 years warranty from the issue's date of the purchase invoice.

    Shimano batteries are guaranteed for 2 years with an operation without performance decay up to 1000 charging cycles (for 1 charge cycle we mean a full charge from 0% to 100%).

    In order to use the warranty, you must register your bike in the "REGISTER YOUR DUCATI E-BIKE" section.

    For more information on the terms of guarantee of THOK, you can consult on this site the item "GENERAL TERM OF SALE".

  • Who am I supposed to contact in case of issues?

    In case of issues with your DUCATI powered by THOK e-bike you may contact the Ducati Dealer where you purchased the bike, any Shimano Service Center or email us at tech@thokebikes.com.

  • Where can I test the e-bikes Ducati powered by Thok?

    You can test the e-bikes DUCATI powered by Thok by any Delaer with a Demo bike.

  • Where can I receive my new Ducati ebike?

    For the delivery of you Ducati ebike, once you have placed the order online, you can select to receive it to one of the Ducati dealers or directly at your home.

  • How can I pay the e-bike?

    Payment methods to purchase your E-MTB are:

    • Bank transfer
    • Credit card
    • Paypal
  • How do I set-up my ebike's suspensions?

    For a correct set up of the suspensions, please read carefully the instructions of each component and set the PSI numbers located in the fork's label. The compression of your suspension (SAG), when sitting on the bike with both legs on the pedals, must be about 25%.


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